Preparing for Bankruptcy

The first thing we would recommend if you are considering bankruptcy is to call an attorney. However, there are some things can do before meeting with an attorney to prepare for the bankruptcy.

Stop using your credit cards.

If you borrow money with the intent of having the debt discharged, then the debt is not dischargeable. You should consult an attorney before incurring any additional debt.

Don’t make any large gifts of property transfers.

Transferring property on the eve of bankruptcy can be considered a fraudulent conveyance, which could disqualify you for bankruptcy protection.

Consider which debts to pay.

Some debts (such as rent, utilities, care and mortgage payments) must be paid currently, but paying large sums to credit card accounts what will be discharged is likely a waste of money. Discuss with an attorney which debts you should pay.

Assemble important documents.

Put copies of documents that would be helpful in your bankruptcy into a folder or a box. Such documents would include: Credit Card Statements, Lawsuit Documents, Foreclosure Docuements, Repossession Documents, Tax Returns, Student Loan Statements, Medical Bills, Bank Account Statements, Real Estate Information, Car Information, Insurance Policies, and Retirement Account Statements.


You’re not the first person who needs help with debt. Get ready for your fresh start so you can avoid mistakes you may have made in the past.

  • Take Action Now


    Don't stick your head in the sand. This is the time to address your finacial difficulties so that you can move on. We can help you decide whether banckruptcy can help you. There is no fee for a consultation. Call Now: 630-834-1800 or contact me

  • Stop Credit Harassment


    If you are being harassed ba a creditor, you can stop them by filing for protections under the bankruptcy laws. Once you file for bankruptcy protection your creditors must stop calling. Relief can come right away. We can take the telephone calls for you. Call Now: 630-834-1800 or contact me

  • Get a Fresh Start


    The bankrupcty laws are in place to help you, you can get rid of debt once and for all. We can assist you to use the laws to your benefit to get the fresh start that bankruptcy can provide. We are glad to discuss your situation with you. Call Now: 630-834-1800 or contact me

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